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Total Knee Replacement Specialist

Ortho 1 Medical Group

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Well-functioning knees are crucial to your mobility. If you have severe knee arthritis, you might need a total knee replacement. At Ortho 1 Medical Group, the outstanding orthopedic surgery team offers total knee replacement to restore smooth knee function. Call the office in San Diego, Chula Vista, La Jolla, or Coronado, California, today or book an appointment through the online scheduler.

Total Knee Replacement Q&A

What is total knee replacement surgery?

Total knee replacement surgery removes damaged joint material (bone and cartilage) and replaces it with artificial parts. A total knee replacement restores all three of the main parts of your knee:

  • The inner knee (the medial compartment)
  • The outer knee (the lateral compartment)
  • The front of the knee (the patellofemoral compartment)

In contrast, a partial knee replacement removes and restores only the patellofemoral compartment of the knee.

When might I need a total knee replacement?

The main reason for total knee replacements is osteoarthritis, a disease in which the cartilage between your bones breaks down over the years. Eventually, this leaves the bones that make up your joints completely unprotected. The bones rub or grind together whenever you use the joint, causing considerable pain, stiffness, and movement difficulties.

Rheumatoid arthritis (inflammatory arthritis) and post-traumatic arthritis (arthritis that develops after an injury) are two other kinds of arthritis that most often lead to a knee replacement.

How does total knee replacement work?

During total knee replacement surgery, your Ortho 1 Medical Group surgeon removes the worn-down cartilage at the ends of your knee bones. They also remove some of the bone underneath the cartilage before placing your implants.

The metal implants are the same size as your own natural joint, so they restore the joint surface perfectly. Your surgeon secures the implants with cement. They can also use press-fit implants with small holes for the surrounding bone to grow through and maintain their placement.

Your surgeon might resurface the kneecap as well. They place a spacer between the metal parts. The spacer takes on the work of the removed cartilage, acting as a cushion and absorbing shock when you move your new knee.

After placing all the components, your surgeon moves your leg in several ways to make sure you have good range of motion and flexibility. If necessary, they can make adjustments before completing the procedure and closing your incisions.

Is total knee replacement the right surgery for me?

Total knee replacement surgery might be the right choice for you if: 

  • You have widespread knee osteoarthritis
  • You suffer from severe pain, stiffness, and range of motion issues
  • Your symptoms don’t respond to nonsurgical care
  • Your knee pain continues, even when you’re resting

Many people who choose total knee replacement struggle to climb stairs, stand up from a sitting position, and walk even short distances. You might require a mobility aid like a cane or walker to get around. Total knee replacement can help you move around freely again.

If you’re interested in total knee replacement surgery, call Ortho 1 Medical Group or use the online booking link today.