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Tendon Repair Specialist

Ortho 1 Medical Group

Orthopedic Specialists located in La Jolla, CA & Chula Vista, CA

Damage like persistently painful rotator cuff tears requires high-level orthopedic expertise. At Ortho 1 Medical Group, the team of accomplished orthopedic surgeons offers tendon repair using advanced approaches. If you have persistent pain from a tendon injury, reach out today to the office in San Diego, Chula Vista, La Jolla, or Coronado, California, or book an appointment through the online scheduling link.

Tendon Repair Q&A

What is tendon repair?

Tendon repair is a surgical procedure to restore damaged tendons in the elbows, shoulders, ankles, knees, and other areas. Tendon repair involves removing the damaged ends of the tendon, suturing the tendon ends together, and, if it’s completely detached, reattaching the tendon to the bone.

What are the most common kinds of tendon repair surgery?

At Ortho 1 Medical Group, the team of experienced orthopedic surgeons specializes in tendon repair in many areas of the body, including:

  • Rotator cuff repair in the shoulder
  • Bicep tendon repair in the upper arm
  • Flexor tendon repair in the forearm, wrist, and hand
  • Achilles tendon repair in the foot and ankle

Depending on your injury and individual needs, you can undergo tendon repair along with another procedure at the same time.

When might I need tendon repair?

Partial tendon tears — those that don’t cut through the whole tendon — can improve with rest, physical therapy, temporary immobilization of the injured body part, anti-inflammatory medicine, and other conservative care.

However, some partial tendon tears cause persistent pain. The tear can worsen into a full tear. In most cases, a full tendon tear that causes extreme pain requires tendon repair surgery.

How does tendon repair surgery work?

Tendon repair surgery differs with the particular tendon and how much damage needs to be repaired. In many cases, Ortho 1 Medical Group performs arthroscopic tendon repairs. Using arthroscopy, surgeons create small incisions above the tendon and use a pencil-thin tool to view the surgical area on a nearby monitor.

After a close exam to determine what kind of tendon repair you need, your surgeon creates a few more small incisions. They use miniature surgical tools to trim away damaged tendon tissue, suture the tendon back together, and, if needed, reattach the tendon to the bone.

Severe tendon damage can require a tissue graft. Your surgeon uses a section of tendon from another part of your body or a donor tendon to rebuild the damaged tissue.

Open surgery is often needed to repair severe tendon damage or additional problems. Open surgery requires a much larger incision.

At Ortho 1 Medical Group, the team of renowned surgeons performs skilled tendon repair surgery to restore full function. Book your appointment online or call the office nearest you for help.