PRP: Your Secret Weapon Against Pain

PRP: Your Secret Weapon Against Pain

Are you among the 20% or more of American adults dealing with chronic pain? If so, you understand how pain negatively affects your quality of life, making it a challenge to work, participate in regular activities, and even get a good night’s rest. 

At Ortho 1 Medical Group, our providers offer the best in chronic pain management for patients at our four offices across San Diego County, California. We’re thrilled to offer all-natural platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to help patients reduce their pain and promote healing.

Keep reading to learn how PRP injections work and how they might be your secret weapon against chronic pain.

What are platelets?

Your blood contains disc-shaped cells called platelets. These cells help with clotting when you’re injured. The wound causes the platelets to rush to the damaged tissue and bind your blood vessels using their tentacle-like grasp to stop blood from flowing through the injury. 

Platelets also contain powerful growth factors, which activate once any bleeding is controlled. They also work when you struggle with disease. These amazing factors have a number of important functions, including:

A healthy healing environment is extremely important when your tissues are injured or diseased, since these special growth factors don’t operate in isolation. Instead, they signal other cells and resources to get support in the healing process.

How do PRP injections alleviate pain?

PRP injections help people suffering from chronic pain by tapping into your body’s natural healing process. It’s especially effective when added to traditional therapies and treatments for chronic pain.

Your Ortho 1 Medical Group provider draws some of your blood, then separates the platelets using a centrifuge. This creates a solution that’s 5-10 times richer in platelets than your normal blood. 

We then inject the PRP solution into the affected area. Not only does the PRP injection reduce inflammation, immediately easing your pain, but it also promotes healing and repair of your tissues, addressing the underlying cause of your chronic pain. 

Each year, PRP injections help thousands of people find relief from chronic pain caused by many injuries and degenerative conditions, including those that affect your:

PRP injections don’t take long, usually 30-90 minutes. And they don’t require any downtime, meaning you’re free to resume your normal activities immediately following your therapy.

And because PRP injections use your body’s own platelets, your body won’t reject the injections. Plus, there are few side effects and little risk of infection, making PRP injections a safe choice for most patients.

Get relief from chronic pain with all-natural PRP injections by scheduling an appointment with a provider at the San Diego County Ortho 1 Medical Group office nearest you.

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